How to optimize your website quickly?

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You have put a lot of energy to create your website, you have made several updates, adding content over the years but have you checked that your website is consistent both technically and content wise?

There are several quick actions to do to optimize your website. We suggest 2 tracks to follow:

1/ Make an audit of the pages of your website (technical and content):

This service of in-depth audit of its website allows to obtain an easy to understand assessment and answers, for example, the following questions:

For each category, our seo audit application displays the first 100 pages to be improved.


1.1/ identify the problems :

More than a simple SEO tool, our application automatically audits your website in depth up to 1,000 pages in 7 categories on 150 criteria: content, keywords, text/html ratio, seo, usability, mobile, technologies, social, link analysis, visitors and allows you to identify your SEO errors.
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exemple audit seo audit seo mot clé


1.2/ How to act quickly ?

After each in-depth audit of your site, consult the SEO tips in 15 different sections: content, image, link, page, social ...

It is possible to edit a complete report of the audit in PDF format and to export the data to make its own analysis. You can then transmit to your webmaster the technical elements to be modified and to the editorial manager the content elements to be optimized.


The first possible actions are for example :

- modify and optimize the titles and content of the pages,

- check the coherence of the keywords of the content in relation to the desired clientele.


2/ Understand how your users navigate on your website:

Understanding your users is essential to know how to improve your website. Check the path of each visitor and what he does on your site without infringing on his privacy:


2.1/ Visualize your visitor's journey:


2.2/ Identify the elements

Our application generates heatmaps from your visitors' clicks, mouse movements and page scrolling.

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Last updated on: 12 January, 2022